Bottles And Rocks At Valley West

There was a place in the west valley called “Valley West” at the corner of Corbin Ave and Ventura Blvd. It was a very small place that would get really packed with punks when there were shows there so it was a good place to hang out.

The place was surrounded on all sides by neighborhoods filled with Jock redneck types. When shows went down at Valley West the whole parking lot would fill up with Punkers which was quite a scene.

Jocks would show up and try to start shit all the time but there is one night in particular that I’ve never forgotten even after all these years.

“Holy shit what was that?”…said my friend Cliff. We were standing next to a van when all of a sudden a huge brick bounces off the top of the van and lands on the ground beside us in pieces.

We all looked to see where it came from and we could see a huge orange 4×4 with a guy in the bed of the truck and two guys in the front cab driving away.

We let everyone in the parking lot know what just happened and when the orange 4×4 made another run by the club, this time throwing a bottle at the crowd in the lot, the crowd opened up on the truck with rocks and bottles.

The guy in the bed of the truck couldn’t escape the rain of rocks and bottles coming down on him. He took a blow from a rock that shook him as he held on to the light bar on the truck. He tried to steady himself then another bottle hit was like a 40 ouncer and it exploded all over him.

The truck pulled into the gas station across the street and the crowd began running into the street to go get them but the truck pulled away just in time to be attacked with more bottles and rocks from the crowd.

The Cops showed up and had to call in reinforcements due to the angry crowd amassed in the parking lot. People were just hanging around not doing much but then the reinforcements arrived and all hell broke loose.

The cops came in and began swinging their nightstick’s at everyone and these young kids just panicked running up and down the back alley with the cops chasing them with their nightstick’s. One friend of mine, Tom got bopped in the head and was bleeding all over the place.

That’s just what a typical show would be like then..violence..chaos..and a lot of crazy fun!

This was in the early days, in like 81 at about the same time the “Public Service” compilation came out and I went to that show in support of the compilation …every band on the compilation played and it was a really really cool show. Take a look at the advertisement flyer for the album.

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