The Fetish Club: Golf Or Football?

Neal/Gangster was working the door at The Fetish Club so the gang already had its hands inside the Nightclub without the owners knowing. The only time I ever went into The Fetish Club I was impressed. It was one of the first clubs that would show music videos on a large screen. The club reallyContinue reading “The Fetish Club: Golf Or Football?”

The Cathay De Grande: The Original Back Street Boys

At The Cathay there was always something going on once we took over. Word got around that we were running things over at The Cathay and before we knew it all sorts of characters started to hang around. The Club was kinda antsy about the cops and about certain people coming around. One night LurchContinue reading “The Cathay De Grande: The Original Back Street Boys”

Battle Royal At The Olympic Auditorium

(Image: Olympic Auditorium 1970’s) I don’t know what show was going on at The Olympic Auditorium that night in 1984 but I can tell you about The Battle Royal that went on in the parking lot and back alleys around the Olympic Auditorium that night between The Lads and The Suicidals. I remember standing nearContinue reading “Battle Royal At The Olympic Auditorium”