Punk Rock Photography

I’d like to thank the very few photographers of the 1980’s Los Angeles Punk Rock scene like Ed Colver and Alison Braun for documenting our scene.

The enormous cost that these photographers endured trying to get those amazing photographic shots is unknown to the people that weren’t there at the time.

They’d be attacked by the crowd at times…smashed into the stage…they could get knocked over in the melee and lose equipment or sadly have it damaged beyond repair.

Being a Punk Rock photographer was dangerous and costly. But these photographers withstood the pit battles and personal loss to bring all of us in the scene some of the best photographs of the time.

There was more than one occasion that the Lads and I would sidle up next to Ed Colver and keep the crowd back so he could get that perfect shot without being knocked over.

Alison Braun or as we knew her in those days “Mouse” was apart of our scene here in Los Angeles. Some of the greatest photographs of our scene came from “Mouse” aka Alison Braun.

Again, I have to remind you that these photographers did these photographs at their own cost both physically and financially.

  To own a good camera in those days was expensive and developing the film was even costlier so keep that in mind the next time you see one of their pictures.

Ed Colver has gone on to sell his world renowned photographs here: EdwardColver.com

Alison Braun has gone on to become a feminist icon championing womens rights and can be found at alisonbraun.com

I feel there is far more to both of their stories, hopefully the future will reveal more about them. Until then please take a look at their websites and buy a photograph from them with the thought in mind that it cost the photographers much more than it will cost you to purchase one.

2 thoughts on “Punk Rock Photography

  1. I’ve always followed these two and have their stuff. I’d always see em @ shows. The last I saw and talked to Ed was @ a JFA/ DeCry show in Lost Angeles around 2017. I’d also always run into and talk to the LADS. The last LAD I talked to was @ a Los Angeles gig in late 80/early 90s. He said he was going off I believe in the armed forces. Good times. I survived and just retired from the city fire dept.✊


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