You Never Know Who You’re Throwing Candy At

Scranny DannyAround 1981 Lurch and I hung around a lot and one of the things we used to do was go to Westwood to see movies with my parents. We’d get all decked out in punk rock gear and as soon as we got to Westwood we’d be able to run around the streets for a while and see a movie until we had to meet back up with my parents to ride back to the valley. On one of these outings Lurch and I were in a movie theater up in the balcony totally bored with the movie on the screen. So we decided to start throwing candy on to the lower theater seats to see what kind of reaction we might get. No big deal, we just lobbed a few gum drops over the rail every so often. We began to hear grumbling from the people down below so we eventually stopped. But after the movie ended we had to look over the balcony edge to see who we might have bombed with gum drops. We looked down and saw two guys and a girl looking up at us, one of the guys had short bleached blond hair but the other two just looked like college students or something to us at the time. A short time after that Lurch and I took our places in line at Godzillas night club in the valley and up walks that guy with the bleached blond hair. He says “hey, you’re those guys I saw the other night in Westwood throwing candy from the balcony”! Lurch and I realized it was the guy from the theater we saw down below so we had a good laugh about it with the guy and he introduces himself to Lurch and I … He says “Hi, I’m Danny”…It turned out to be Scranny Danny the singer from L.A’s Wasted Youth… Great guy, funny, every time we saw him from then on, whenever Lurch and I would run into him at shows he’d always tell everyone about how we’d met which typically brought crowds of laughter the way he’d tell the story.

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