Pot Smoking Punkers

111 Legalize

Lurch and I smoked pot with Darryl and Earl Hudson of Bad Brains behind the Santa Monica Civic when they played with Bad Religion in 1982. We were lighting up bowls behind the arena and the guys just walked up and smoked out with us. I loved Bad Brains from the first time I saw them at Devonshire Downs. What a great show, super fast songs mixed with slow skanking reggae beats to mix things up.. H.R. was up there jumping around like a crazy man… Hands down, Bad Brains at Devonshire Downs was one of the best punk shows I ever saw.

Note: Did you know that Bad Brains also toured as a Reggae band? They told Lurch and I that they also toured as the Reggae band: Zion Train in between Punk Rock gigs. Their motor home which we were sitting near while smoking out had Zion Train painted on the side.

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