The First Time I Met Alex

AlexOki (4)

The first time I actually met Alex was in front of The Whiskey-a-Go Go in the winter of 1981. I was hanging out with Lurch at the corner of N.Clark St. and Sunset Blvd when about 6 guys in long white dress shirts and bandannas pulled down over their eyes began to walk down the hill from the back of the club along N. Clark. Once they saw Lurch and I standing in front of the club they stopped dead in their tracks, they wouldn’t come down that hill. They stood there looking at us not sure what to do. Lurch and I started to notice this going on and started wondering to each other “who the fuck are these guys?” They started to wave their arms around and began posturing as if they were readying for a fight. We taunted them back at this point and we dared them to come down the hill. They stayed put and didn’t move an inch down that hill in the face of Lurch and I standing there. Then Alex walked out of The Whiskey and saw what was going on and approached Lurch and I. He said, are those guys giving you trouble and I said no but we’re about to give them some trouble as soon as they come down that hill! He said they had hassled him behind the club earlier while he was in the back parking lot drinking. We made sure they weren’t going to the show that night and we met a new friend, Alex.

Note: I was totally aware of who Alex was at the time and who The Lads were at this point but there weren’t any Lads present with Alex this night.

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