Fight At Godzilla’s


I used to go to Godzilla’s a lot in 1982 and then one night while slamming in the big room I got into a pretty big fight…

So..I’m at Godzilla’s, in the big room (not sure who was playing) and here’s what I remember… I was 15 years old and drunk which was pretty normal for those days. I was slamming along, minding my own business when all of a sudden three guys that were way bigger than I and way older than I grabbed me by the collar. Two dudes held me while some tall skinhead said “you hit my friend”. I looked at him kinda puzzled because maybe I did and maybe I didn’t, it wasn’t intentional. But I wasn’t someone that would go crying about getting hit while slamming in a pit at Godzilla’s. That place was fuckin dangerous, and shit went down there all the time. We were all there at our own risk!

As I was standing there and as they were trying to decide if they were gonna do anything to me about it… Jay Adams comes ripping through the crowd and attacks me. I grabbed a good hold of the back of his head when he charged in at me, myself being much taller then he I had the downward leverage. I then proceeded to knee him in the face repeatedly. He struggled initially but then after a few blows to his face he never answered with anything. It got so bad that my friend Eric Magoo-Lads grabbed me pulling me back and off of him because I wasn’t stopping. His friends looked on in disbelief because Jay was staggering and needed to hold onto one of them for balance. It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to think about it, I just reacted. I was lucky.

Eric Magoo-Lads told me in no uncertain terms that “you don’t wanna do that, they are those Venice guys”. I remember saying to him at the time “I don’t give a fuck who they are, they’re gonna die, which was bullshit, those guys could have stomped the shit out of me at the time.

I had no idea who I was fighting with at the time. Heck, I used to own one of his Z-Flex Jay Adams skateboards. I was shocked to find out it was the same guy.

I ran into him a few years later at my own birthday party because a girl I knew, “Sidney” was dating him. I remember being introduced to him and shaking his hand. He looked me up and down like he knew who I was but he never said anything about it.

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