The Dukowski Incident

The first time the Misfits played in Los Angeles The Lads were there. I remember it being a slow weekend for shows and the only show in town was The Misfits show at The Whiskey A Go Go.

Levi Dexter and The Tribe was the opening band that night. Levi was already a well known and renowned Rockabilly in England with his band Levi and The Rockats.

Levi Dexter and The Tribe opened the show that night and from the minute they hit the stage the crowd loved them. The Bass player, played his Bass with a Drum Stick and it created the sound of a Big Bass Fiddle which was a perfect Bass sound for Rockabilly.

The crowd really liked them and everyone had a good time watching them. I don’t know whatever came of the band The Tribe because they never recorded anything that I can find but I’d love to know more about them.

What happened next that night was something I haven’t seen since and what I like to call “The Dukowski Incident” I’ve told this story for years at the Bar and at parties to friends and they’ve always got a kick out of it.

Chuck Dukowski, the Bass player for Black Flag was standing behind us while we were watching the show the whole time. I remember seeing him and giving him the nod. We all knew each other in those days, the scene was so small back then that we were all connected in one way or another.

So, when The Misfits took the stage that night they didn’t know what kind of welcome Los Angeles had in store for them.

Robo the Drummer for Black Flag had left the band to join The Misfits and apparently Chuck wasn’t too happy about it.

The Misfits hit the stage and at the time everyone was kinda like…Whats this?
The makeup and the hair was pretty weird at that point and people started to make fun of them. They’d play a song and when it was done people would be all like…” oh very scary” and then laugh it off. The crowd wasn’t about to give them any respect that night and then “The Dukowski Incident” happened.

So as I mentioned Robo had jumped ship and joined The Misfits leaving Black Flag to go find a new Drummer.
I’m sure the band wasn’t too happy and one of those band members was Chuck Dukowski.

So, as the show progressed Chuck Dukowski began to heckle The Misfits and of course we chimed in to help him us being friends and all.

The band finished playing another scorching hit but when they finished this time Chuck let out with “Alright Robo!”. This then continued each and every time the band finished a song…He’d yell out Robo and then we’d all yell out ROBO!!!

Ghouls Night Out?….ROBO!!!
Astro Zombies?……ROBO!!!
Whatever else they played…..ROBO!!!


Glen was fucking livid…he showed it, he was pissed off. This incited the crowd to do even more shit… people jumping up on stage, spitting all over them,  crowding the stage…bumping into Glen…Just going off…Glen was pissed!

Welcome To Los Angeles Glen!
Sincerely, Chuck Dukowski and The Los Angeles Death Squad

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