The Cathay De Grande: Moving On

All good things come to an end and our little set up at The Cathay stopped working. Things went down, bad things went down.

For instance, The Clash had played at The Hollywood Palladium and it was Sold Out. John of Circle One came over to The Cathay and started mustering some people to rush the front doors of The Palladium. So we all followed him over to Sunset Blvd in front of the doors of The Hollywood Palladium and waited. John Macias organized everyone on Sunset to get ready to rush the doors as soon as The Clash played White Riot.

And that’s just what we did, someone pried the doors open with a screwdriver and we all rushed in when The Clash played White Riot.

Security scrambled to stop all of us but there were so many of us we just mowed then down as we rushed in.

They closed the show down and The Cops arrived and started wacking people not moving out of the area fast enough. Skirmishes broke out all around the Palladium. People would throw bottles at the cops and then run like hell when the Cops advanced.

Things like this really brought the heat down on the Punk Scene. Violence was getting worse, not better. It was all over the night time news and the City began to take a stance against Punk Rock and the Night Clubs that had the shows.

The alley way of the house behind The Cathay on Vista Del Mar where everyone partied was filled with beer bottles, trash and graffiti which we knew would be trouble for us if we didn’t do something. So we actually went back there and cleaned it up. We started telling the dummies that would go back there to party to take their shit with them after they were done so we could continue to party back there. We tried to avert the problem but the property owners found out and filed a complaint with the city. The party was over.

Confrontations with the Cops became more frequent around The Cathay as the younger kids that began to fill the scene would typically party in the streets, alley ways and businesses surrounding the club. They didnt realize what they were doing to the local businesses in the area by leaving their trash and graffiti all over the place but those businesses complained and the cops began to crack down.

We got word from Alex that it was time to move on because he heard the cops were looking for us. I’m not exactly sure what specific incident they were investigating us for but when you’re given a warning of your possible legal demise it’s best to listen and keep moving.

We moved to The Fetish Club located at 6525 Sunset Blvd and began operating along Shrader Blvd and Sunset Blvd.

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