The Cathay De Grande: Clayton Is God


There were a lot of drugs at The Cathay De Grande and I know because I sold them and used em. I used to sell speed out of a bag in front of the club until the Pigs figured out what was up and shook me down. The owner of the club, Mike and the door man,”Bernie” saw this shit going on and later contacted me and some other friends through Alex. They thought we could all come up with a “mutual understanding” and help each other out.

The Pigs were already coming down on the club. Violating the club for obscure city ordinances and hassling the Punkers attending shows on a regular basis. It was bad for business.

The deal was… we’d maintain Security outside, basically move people into the club and not allow all the “hanging out” that was causing Police attention.

We basically got a free ticket to hang around outside and sell anything we wanted to and when the Pigs did come around we were able to escape “into” the club.

What kinds of drugs?… Basically anything that’d get ya high. Cross tops, black beauties, qualudes, placadils, acid, coke, pcp, angel dust, crank and heroin.

Many people today can claim that their drug addictions began at The Cathay De Grande. From smoking a joint to slamming heroin, these addictions were kind of out in the open and kind of accepted.

And this reminds me of another story about Lurch and I again. The night we both met God.

RigamortisCathay[1] (Image: Rigormortis at The Cathay)

We left from The Cathay that night during the show and drove out to score in the city. We were approaching Normandie and 49th, and there, all of a sudden, as if from out of nowhere, standing on the street corner, we saw him in all his wondrous glory.

“Clayton” was there to save us! He said he knew a place to get us the special holy water that we were searching for.

God actually got into the hatchback of Lurch’s 260Z and off we went in search of the holy water aka sherm stick or super cool at the time. Which was either a Sherman’s or Cool brand cigarette dipped in liquid pcp.

We gave Clayton a few bucks, he went over to a house then returned quickly with a few wet sherm sticks wrapped in foil. pcp(Image: Sherm Stick, PCP, Angel Dust, Water, Love Boat)

As we drove him back to where we picked him up, Clayton took about three long tokes off of one of the sherm sticks.

We pulled into a driveway he said was his aunts house. And that’s right about the time when God arose from inside the hatchback of a 260Z.

Clayton is God…Clayton is God…Clayton is God…Clayton is God

That’s about all Clayton could say after smoking that sherm.

Lurch and I started to panic because two white dudes in that hood were merely just an arrest waiting to happen. We tried getting him out of the car but he was God and it’s not easy to get God outa your car when he’s high on pcp. We asked a guy walking by that knew him if he could help us get Clayton out of the car. He was willing to help and he actually walked up to the car and called out Clayton’s name. But when we told him he was on the sherm he wanted no part of us and took off.

I finally got Clayton onto his feet but he was still sorta teetering back and forth, half in the car and half out. Then, all of a sudden, Lurch revved the engine and popped the clutch making God fall to the ground and flop like a fish in the driveway. Lurch yelled, GET IN!!! I jumped into the passenger seat and we took off back to the Cathay. The last time we saw God, he was rolling around in a driveway on Normadie like a fish outa water or pcp.

Clayton Is God!

*** This story is just one in a series of stories about The Cathay De Grande written by James Genocide.***


5 thoughts on “The Cathay De Grande: Clayton Is God

  1. Hey James, great stories!!!! I grew up in LA , during the the violent punk rock days, so I truly appreciate all of of your tales. What are you planning on doing with them? Book, movie, documentary?


  2. ‘its not easy to get God out of your car when he’s high on PCP’
    Hollered out loud at that one… good stories well written, didn’t know the LA punk scene was that violent back in the early 80s, it’s like gangbanging permeated everything
    Respect anyhow from B’ham UK…


  3. Hey bro love this stuff your writting my band “The Hurtin Broz” played the Cathey more then a dozen times. Opening for Top Jimmy,Mentors,Zoogz Rift. I remeber Clayton, natch and boy I miss PCP. But when you mentioned Bernie I got all misty eyed! He claimed to love our band & he always remembered our names and what band we were with. One night he e en invited me to beers in the park after Cathey closed for the night. We took our 40s over to some tiny strip of grass with one park bench and enjoyed our veiw of the Hollywood Freeway until dawn! Man i miss that guy!!!


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