The Lads Take Over Godzillas!


It was in 1982 that Bad Religion began playing shows to support their new album: How Could Hell Be Any Worse. One of those shows was held in the small room at Godzilla’s in Sun Valley. I remember getting there early, hanging out and talking to the band before the show. That small room filled quickly to capacity and before you knew it you could barely move.


Just as the show is about to start, like 10 guys, dressed all in black, muscle their way into the pit area in front of the stage. I’m a little 15 year old, these guys are like 17-18-19 maybe older? Well Bad Religion comes on stage and that pit area became like an explosion going off…. A FULL ON LADS MELEE!!!!


Everyone in the pit was a victim. Lads were just going around punching people, me included. Many people wussed out and escaped to the far edges of the tornado pit The Lads had now created. I stayed along the edge of the pit the best I could, being held up by the crowd at my back. The tornado came around again and again, each time snatching someone from the crowd to be beaten within the eye of the storm. Once they’d finished with their victim they would be tossed aside into the crowd punch drunk and barely¬†conscious. This went on through the whole show. As Bad Religion continued to play on that night, sounding better than ever, the real show was happening right in the pit…The Lads Take Over Godzilla’s!

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