Sunday Meetings And The First Lads BBQ

(Image: Poinsettia Park 1982) Meetings were originally held at Poinsettia Park but they moved to Pan Pacific Park for reasons I will NOT explain here. Pan Pacific Park Pan Pacific Park was awesome!… It’s big, and with it’s many entry and exit points, it was very easy to roll in by foot, skateboard or bike.Continue reading “Sunday Meetings And The First Lads BBQ”

Child Abuse And Improvised Weapons

From an early age I was beaten and psychologically abused by my father. My so called father was a degenerate, closet case, faggot. Due to my own naivete he would try to use me as “chicken bait” so he could hook up with other degenerate faggots like himself. I remember being taunted by neighborhood kidsContinue reading “Child Abuse And Improvised Weapons”

Confrontations And Riots On The Sunset Strip

In the 80’s if you were a minor and wanted beer but you didn’t know anyone old enough to buy you’d just hang outside a liquor store and pimp for beer until the right person came along. It was never that difficult to score some liquor in those days. It wasn’t a big deal toContinue reading “Confrontations And Riots On The Sunset Strip”

Welcome To The Starwood…Please Keep The Violence To A Minimum!

In 1980 I went and saw The Circle Jerks and T.S.O.L. in a double bill at The Starwood in Hollywood, Ca. In those days you could see two bands play for $8 bucks. They’d play two sets a night, one at 8 P.M. and then a second show at 10 P.M. A lot of theContinue reading “Welcome To The Starwood…Please Keep The Violence To A Minimum!”

The Lads Take Over Godzillas!

It was in 1982 that Bad Religion began playing shows to support their new album: How Could Hell Be Any Worse. One of those shows was held in the small room at Godzilla’s in Sun Valley. I remember getting there early, hanging out and talking to the band before the show. That small room filledContinue reading “The Lads Take Over Godzillas!”

What People Forget

The Hollywood Lads were one of the most racially diverse clubs of it’s time. For instance, there were Hispanics, Filipino’s, Blacks, Asians, Puerto Ricans, Jews and they even let The Irish in like little ol’ me. We were ALL IN, this human race, TOGETHER!…and when you brought shit our way you wouldn’t forget meeting upContinue reading “What People Forget”

You Never Know Who You’re Throwing Candy At

Around 1981 Lurch and I hung around a lot and one of the things we used to do was go to Westwood to see movies with my parents. We’d get all decked out in punk rock gear and as soon as we got to Westwood we’d be able to run around the streets for aContinue reading “You Never Know Who You’re Throwing Candy At”