The Fetish Club: Golf Or Football?

Neal/Gangster was working the door at The Fetish Club so the gang already had its hands inside the Nightclub without the owners knowing.

The only time I ever went into The Fetish Club I was impressed. It was one of the first clubs that would show music videos on a large screen. The club really was a highline place with regard to decor etc. I do remember seeing Roz William’s the singer for Christian Death inside the club that night. So, that one and only time I went inside, I was standing next to Lurch minding my own business when someone threw a drink in our direction. We immediately picked up a bar stool each, intent on destroying the table that the drink came from. But before we could Neal stopped us. His bosses were very impressed with him being able to just ask us not to destroy the place and they wanted to know who Neal really was.

We’d usually work the streets selling and using along Shrader Blvd and Sunset. We continued to have girls flag down tricks so we could rob them but eventually the cops caught on and we had to cool it.

All sorts of gangsters started to come out to meet us, hang out with us and a few to tried to attack us.

During that time we met LMP aka La Mirada Punks. Not a bad bunch of guys as I remember them. They came by to see what we were up to and be social and just hangout.

In recent years a close friend of mine, Bob, ran into some guys from LMP and they asked about me… They asked if I still carried a crossbow in the trunk of my car…Obviously, I must have hung out with those guys back in the day for them to remember that because even I had kinda forgotten that until my friend mentioned what they said.

Street thugs, gangs and even high school football teams would come out to brawl with us because of our reputation. All of them ended up being beaten, stabbed and attacked viciously by The Lads.

One such incident occurred when a high school football team showed up along Shrader Blvd. in their car armed with golf clubs. We were just standing on the sidewalk when they pulled up. Next thing ya know they’re getting out of their car armed with golf clubs. They were beaten with bottles and sticks and stabbed with knifes and even screw drivers. Their car was stolen and driven into a wall that night and left completely demolished. The Cops arrived blocking off the street with their cars just as Lurch and I were strolling away. The cops didnt even look in our direction as we walked right past them. The cops donned their riot helmets and ran up the street. Lurch and I were standing at the corner watching when lurched notice the patrol car window down. Lurch reached into the car and stole the cops hat passing it to me and we quickly bailed. It turned out to be a Sargent’s hat he stole and it hung in my garage on a nail for years until someone asked to buy it from me at a garage sale I had.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “The Fetish Club: Golf Or Football?

      1. That’s great you two stayed close.
        Have you or Lurch came accross any SUIS you had issues with in the past? Have any of them become your friends?


  1. Looking forward to the next history lesson!
    Have you or anyone else in LADS thought about speaking on one of the prison or gang YouTube channels about what life as a punker was like in the 80’s & 90’s? I’ve seen so many interviews but nothing on this subject. I know there’s a need for it just by the YT comments wanting to know what that life was like in the comments section. Could also bring exposure to any books in the future. Thanks again for sharing so much, and I hope everyone is staying safe out there. I’m always down to buy the first round if you find yourself around Huntington Beach/Slater Slums with nothing to do.


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